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Give a red card to ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards

1st February 2018

As we kick off the NatWest 6 Nations, we come to the end of another busy spell, making mouthguards for the Scotland Rugby team. These mouthguards are designed to withstand serious knocks at the highest level. To protect not only the teeth, but the jaws and surrounding area. They are fitted by dentists and then…

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We welcome Sonia Myerscough to our dental team

21st December 2017

We’re delighted to welcome dentist Sonia Myerscough to the team at SmilePlus Dental Care. Sonia joins this month and brings with her a wealth of experience in dental practice. Sonia graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 1993 and has since practiced in the UK and abroad. During her career she has developed a special…

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INVISALIGN: Clear braces success stories

28th September 2017

   We are delighted to have transformed the smiles of so many people in Edinburgh in the last year. More and more patients are asking about Invisalign clear braces and we can see why. Invisalign uses almost invisible aligners, which are removable, meaning you can opt not to wear them on occasion, like special meals…

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FAMILY DENTISTRY: Stages of tooth development

16th July 2017

Fiona Davidson takes us through the stages of tooth development from the emergence of a child’s first milk tooth to the arrival of their final wisdom tooth well into adulthood. Teething The period that many parents dread and for many, rightly so as for some babies, it can be a painful time. Babies usually start…

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TEETH STRAIGHTENING: What are my options?

1st May 2017

Since the New Year, we have had a lot of enquiries from people looking to straighten their teeth. Many people have something that annoys them about their smile and often slightly crooked teeth are the culprit. However, if you make it through your teens without having the problems rectified, many feel their time has passed….

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FAMILY DENTISTRY: Feature in MADE Magazine on tooth development

21st March 2017

This month, Fiona Davidson featured in MADE (Mums and Dads Edinburgh) Magazine. She was taking readers through the stages of tooth development. Check it out here or pick up a copy when you’re out and about.

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HYGIENIST: Give your smile a deep clean

20th March 2017

Today is World Oral Health Day, so a great opportunity for us to remind people about the benefits of maintaining good oral health. Many NHS dentists do not provide a dental hygienist service and you are now able to split your care, visiting one practice to see a dentist and another for your six-monthly clean,…

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FAMILY DENTISTRY: When should you start brushing your baby’s teeth?

9th December 2016

While in some cases your child might only have their primary (baby) teeth for a few years, it is still essential that you take good care of them. It is also important to instill good dental care into your child’s daily routine from their first year. As soon as that first glimmer of white appears,…

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SPORTS DENTISTRY: Making mouthguards – behind the scenes

8th December 2016

We’ve been working with Scottish Rugby for many years now, providing a range of services to Scotland’s rugby players, including general dentistry, implants and Invisalign teeth straightening. We also supply hundreds of mouthguards to rugby players of all ages each year. We’re passionate about educating players regarding the importance of wearing a professionally fitted mouthguard….

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Latest Offers

Half price teeth whitening at SmilePlus

If you want to brighten up your smile this year, we have sourced what we believe, to be the most gentle and effective whitening products available. We will mould you custom-made trays to allow you to achieve an attractive natural white smile in a effective and comfortable way.

If you find further down the line, that you would like additional whitening, then you can just buy more tubes of gel from SmilePlus to use with your existing tailor-made trays.

Rest-assured, this is the safest way to whiten your teeth. There are many people offering teeth whitening who lack dentistry experience. This is when things can go wrong so please ensure you only buy teeth whitening treatments from your dentist and use them under their guidance.

We are offering 50% off teeth whitening until the end of February. So you’ll end up with super clean, pearly white teeth for just £150 (usual price £300). You can book in by calling 0131 334 1581 or via our online booking.

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Six months to the smile you’ve always dreamed of

We are always inundated with enquiries from people looking to straighten their teeth. Many people have something that annoys them about their smile and often slightly crooked teeth are the culprit. Alongside the ever-popular Invisalign®, we also offer another firm favourite with proven results, Six Month Smiles®.

This clever system offers a short-term orthodontic option that takes a fresh twist on traditional orthodontic techniques by realigning teeth quickly and discreetly. It is fast-acting because it uses advanced technology on only those teeth that show when you smile and can be used to address mildly crooked, gappy or misaligned teeth. It is also a subtle option as it features clear, custom-made brackets and tooth coloured wires. Six Month Smiles incorporates all the best traits of braces but uses a modified treatment style and advanced materials, offering a practical, unobtrusive solution to fit in with your lifestyle.

We are offering 10% off all Six Month Smiles treatments for those who sign up before 31 January and are including free teeth whitening at the end of your treatment (worth £250) so you can really show off your fabulous new smile.

You can book a free consultation on our website or by calling 0131 334 1581.


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Up to £500 off Invisalign clear braces + FREE teeth whitening (worth £250)

Have you always been annoyed by a tooth that’s out of place or perhaps all your whole smile is a bit crooked? Well, this offer is for you. You could have the smile you’ve always longed for in just six months.

Invisalign clear braces straighten teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every week (or two), your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.
We are offering £500 off Invisalign until the end of November. Not only that, at the end of your treatment we will give your teeth a free airflow clean and free teeth whitening (worth £250), ensuring you have a smile worth showing off. And 0% finance is available so you can spread the payments.

Interested in finding out more? Book a free consultation with experienced Invisalign dentist Fiona Davidson by calling 0131 334 1581 or by emailing

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One month free : complete peace of mind with our Full Care Plan

Upgrade from Maintenance to Full Care Plan and get one month for free

If you want peace of mind, avoiding any unexpected dental bills, the Full Care Plan is for you as it includes almost all foreseeable treatments including root canal, fillings, gum treatments, crowns and bridges. The only additional cost to you would be the technician’s fees for crowns/bridges & dentures. (Dental implant treatment is excluded).

Discuss whether the maintenance or full care option would be best for you when you are next in the practice or call 0131 334 1581 or email

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" I couldn't thank Fiona and everyone at SmilePlus Dental enough for their help over the last two years. They have made the whole process of Invisalign so easy and straight forward for me. It "

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" Smileplus give me fast and efficient service. They are friendly and have done a great job in looking after my teeth. I am really pleased with the results of the Six Month Smiles and would highly recommend it to anyone. "

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" I have had three years of freedom with my new implants. They have given me back my life and restored my self-confidence. No longer do I worry about eating or meeting new people. I would certainly recommend anyone to undergo the procedure to begin to live life to the full once again! "

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" SmilePlus has completely changed the way I think about, and care for, my teeth and gums. Fiona, Assunta and the rest of the team take a lot of time to detail what is required for the ‘teeth for life’ objective, with crystal clear explanations of the benefits. "

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